Chris-PC Game Booster 7.06
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Chris-PC Game Booster 7.06

Provides a more pleasant gaming experience by tuning the system
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Chris PC Game Booster is intended to provide a more pleasant gaming experience by tuning various system parameters. The program helps you configure Windows in such a way that it privileges games by allowing them to exploit the potential of the main processor and the graphics card more efficiently. Likewise, it optimizes your Internet connection to eliminate network lags when you are taking part in a multi-player game.

The program could not be any easier to use. It automatically detects the operating system, processor brand and Internet connection type. By the way, you can notice that it supports all Windows versions from XP to 10. Moreover, it works with three of the most popular processor manufacturers: Intel, AMD and VIA. It is also compatible with all types of Internet connection, such as Cable, DSL, WiFi, DialUp, local area network and ISDN. There is nothing else to do, except for choosing the desired boost level. Unfortunately, everything the tool does is well hidden under the hood, so the user never gets to know what kind of changes are being done. However, there is always the choice of reverting the changes if you are not satisfied with the results. In fact, restoring previous settings is likely to be necessary when you need to use programs other than games.

All in all, Chris PC Game Booster claims it lets you experience smoother graphics animation, speedier access to disk contents and better synchronization while playing your favorite games. Thus, it can be a less costly alternative to upgrading your hardware. The product can be tried for 14 days, but during this period, it will not allow setting your system to the maximum boost level.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Two boost levels
  • Supports various processor brands
  • Compatible with most Windows versions
  • Supports multiple Internet connection types


  • The user is not informed of the changes being made

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Doesn't do what it says! No difference from the 'free' alternatives and they want you to pay for it!

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